Earlobe Repair

Earlobe Repair

Slip earlobes are a common problem, occurring as a result of wearing heavy earrings or accidental tearing.

1. How long is the recovery?
You should be able to go home the same day. You should be able to return to your normal activities straight away. Depending on your type of work, you should be able to return immediately.

2. I’m worried about pain.
There is a very slight discomfort following the ear lobe repair procedure but for most, pain relief is not neccessary.

3. Will I look natural?
Every effort will be made to give you a natural end result.

4. Can I avoid general anaesthetic?
This procedure is performed under local anasthetic.

5. What is the cost?
If you would like a tailored quote, please book an initial consultation to discuss your condition and treatment options with your chosen consultant. Once the initial consultation is complete, you will receive your a tailored quote for your treatment.  Please call us on 01709 464200 or email if you wish to receive a guide price for any specific treatments.


Earlobe repair is one of the most common reconstructive surgeries performed on the ear. As a result of wearing heavy earrings or accidental tearing, elongation of the piercing site can occur, and eventually, a complete split of the earlobe. For some patients, elongation of the piercing site can be just as problematic as a complete tear, especially when the hole becomes too large to hold studs.

Regardless of the cause, split earlobes can cause distress for those who want to continue to wear earrings or would like to restore symmetry to their earlobes. Fortunately, earlobe repair is a simple and effective procedure.

Ear-plugs or flesh-tunnels have become increasingly popular but can cause permanent deformity of the earlobe if the hole is stretched significantly. For some patients the appearance of their stretched earlobes can have an adverse effect on their self-confidence and, in some cases, career.

In addition to ear lobe repair, we can reconstruct stretched earlobes by removing the excess skin and reshaping the remaining tissue. This forms a naturally-appearing earlobe. The technique is quite different from that used to repair split earlobes.


A split earlobe or ear-plug hole can be repaired under local anaesthetic with minimal discomfort, with the intention of creating a natural-looking earlobe.

After the scars have matured, the repaired earlobe can be pierced again. The recommedation is to avoid heavy earrings and wear small studs.

You can return to work immediately afterwards. If you work in a dusty or dirty environment, or undertake heavy manual work, you may benefit from one or two days off work.

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Possible Risks

There are few risks with earlobe repair as the procedure is relatively safe and simple. Potential risks include;

Scar / poor scarring – some patients are prone to red, raised scars or keloid scars.

Infection – very rarely an infection can arise which may require treatment with antibiotics or further surgery.

Delayed healing



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When you’re considering a cosmetic procedure, there’s a lot to think about – the choice of treatments available, the results you want to achieve, the recovery time, any potential risks and, of course, the cost.

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