Crisalix 3D Imaging Technology

Do you want to know what your breasts will look like with a 300cc or 400c implant? Are you worried your result won’t be natural or wondering what you will look like after surgery?

Now you can see your results before surgery using the incredible Crisalix 3D imaging technology. Using this technology, patients can ‘try on’ larger breasts, a smoother nose or fuller lips, getting the exact size and shape they desire, all prior to surgery. Patients at Kinvara Private Hospital will no longer have to rely on their imagination or before and after photographs to predict their results.

A Simple Process
At your consultation, a 3D camera will capture an image of you which is then uploaded into the Crisalix imaging software, instantly creating a 3D image of you. The software is then programmed with the specifications of your procedure, and creates a 3D image of you post surgery.

What Kinds of Results Does Crisalix Simulate?

  • Breast Enlargement – Try out different implant sizes, shapes and projections
  • Rhinoplasty – View your redefined nose from all angles
  • Facelift procedures – Experience the new you without wrinkles or sagging skin, see how your newly defined jawline and neck will look
  • Botox – See your fine lines and wrinkles disappear before your eyes
  • Eyelid surgery – View a younger version of yourself, without droopy or puffy eyelids
  • Lip augmentation – Get a glimpse of your new fuller, natural-looking, pout

Why Crisalix?

What are the benefits of the advanced Crisalix system and how does it revolutionise the plastic surgery process?

  • Your body, your results.The advanced imaging system uses photos of your face and body — simulated model. This means you can see the how your results will affect your aesthetics.
  • Trying out different looks is easy.Crisalix gives you the freedom to ‘try on’ different options until the 3D image matches your desired look, removing the guess work.
  • It gives you peace of mind.After a consultation using Crisalix, you can go into surgery with confidence, knowing the kind of results you can expect.
  • Alter your image, alter your results.Easy-to-program software allows your consultant to tweak the 3D image —and your procedure — to meet your surgery goals and giving you control.
  • Compare before-and-after images easily.View your before and simulated “after” images side by side, giving you full visibility of your post surgery body.
  • The new you, from every angle.View your new look from multiple angles with the innovative 3D technology
  • Access your results from anywhere.The web-based software allows you to access your simulated results wherever you are

See Your 3D Results Instantly

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