Having surgery? The questions you need to ask your surgeon

Having surgery? The questions you need to ask your surgeon

If you are considering any type of surgery, it is important to be fully informed before proceeding. You will no doubt have countless questions and it is important these are answered to put your mind at rest.

The temptation to Google your questions may be high, but you should never simply search the Internet for answers. Every patient is different, and you could have specific needs, symptoms or health implications.

At Kinvara Private Hospital, we always find that the better informed you are, the happier you will likely be with the outcome.

We have compiled a list of questions you should be prepared to ask:

“Can you explain again?”

Never hide your feelings or concerns if there is anything you do not understand when you are talking to your surgeon. They should make every effort to describe the procedure in a way that you can understand fully. Do not feel embarrassed if you have to ask them to explain anything more than once.

“What are the risks of having surgery?”

Every procedure carries some risk, so it is important that you know exactly what could happen during and after surgery. You will want to be fully prepared and informed for every eventuality.

“Is there an alternative to surgery?”

This is always worth asking if you are unsure about going ahead with surgery. Sometimes medicine or lifestyle changes may make enough of a difference. It is entirely dependent on your individual case, so having the conversation is important to make sure no stone goes unturned.

“What is your experience in doing this procedure?”

Never be afraid to ask your surgeon how experienced they are in performing your procedure. You need to have full confidence in your surgeon and they will want you to be completely at ease. In fact, your surgeon should be eager to share their experience and will most likely show a passion for their expertise.

“What type of anaesthesia will be administered?”

Your surgery will be done under either local, regional, sedation or general anaesthetic. You should expect to meet your anaesthetist just before surgery, so you can ask them any more questions you may have.

“What can I expect during recovery?”

You will need to know every detail and fully understand all instructions to aid your own recovery. You will be given an indication of recovery time and all the symptoms you may feel so that you can spot anything unusual. Never be afraid to bring any symptoms, no matter how small, to the attention of your surgeon or nursing staff to rule out anything untoward.

Having surgery at Kinvara Private Hospital

All the healthcare and administrative staff take a huge amount of pride in the individual attention they give to each patient. We encourage every patient to voice any worry or concerns they may have, either before, during or after their visit.

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