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Please note the prices provided are a guide price only. On rare occasions, the cost for your treatment may be higher than the guide price and this may be related to:

  • Which specialist you choose
  • If an extended stay is required
  • If your Consultant advises you to have a particular type of implant/prosthesis or you choose to have a specific implant/prosthesis
  • Complexity of your treatment eg revision surgery

After your consultation, you will receive a quote that is specific to you. All prices and procedures are subject to our Terms & Conditions

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Plastic, reconstructive and cosmetic surgery prices

TreatmentExpected length of stay Guide price 
Bilateral breast enlargementDaycase                            5,150
Unilateral breast enlargementDaycase                            3,250
Bilateral breast enlargement & minor lift (peri-areolar mastopexy)Daycase                            5,900
Bilateral breast enlargement & major lift (also known as augmentation-mastopexy)Daycase / 1 night stay                            6,950
Breast fat grafting (2 sessions of fat grafting)Daycase                            9,400
Breast fat grafting top-up procedureDaycase                            4,900
Breast lift (periareolar)Daycase                            3,650
Breast lift (vertical scar)Daycase                            5,200
Breast lift (anchor pattern)Daycase                            5,390
Unilateral breast lift (anchor pattern)Daycase                            3,250
Breast reduction1 night stay                            6,550
Breast reduction unilateralDaycase                            3,750
Bilateral breast implant removal and capsulectomyDaycase                            4,960
Bilateral breast implant removal, capsulectomy and implant replacementDaycase / 1 night stay                            6,950
Tuberous breast correction as single stage operation (implants & areolar herniation correction)Daycase                            6,950
Tuberous breast correction two-stage operation (expanders followed by augmentation-mastopexy)Daycase for 1st stage, 1 night stay for 2nd stage                          11,070
Bilateral inverted nipple correctionDaycase                            1,650
Bilateral areola reductionDaycase                            3,275
Bilateral prominent nipple reductionDaycase                            1,650
Unilateral nipple reconstructionDaycase                            1,780
Gynaecomastia correction Grade 1. Gland excision onlyDaycase                            4,200
Gynaecomastia correction Grade 2. Liposuction & gland excisionDaycase                            5,400
Gynaecomastia correction  Grade 3. Liposuction, gland excision and skin excisionDaycase                            6,540
TreatmentExpected length of stay Guide price 
Mini tummy tuckDaycase             4,780
Tummy tuck – no liposuction1 night stay             6,200
Brazilian tummy tuck (lipo-abdominoplasty)1 night stay             7,550
Fleur de lis tummy tuck1 night stay             8,250
Apronectomy1 night stay             6,350
Circumferential lower body lift1-2 night stay           11,500
Abdominal liposuctionDaycase             4,950
TreatmentExpected length of stay Guide price 
Upper blepharoplasty (LA)Daycase             2,950
Lower blepharoplasty (LA)Daycase             3,120
Lower blepharoplasty (GA)Daycase             3,620
Upper & lower blepharoplasty (GA)Daycase             5,280
Upper & lower blepharoplasty (LA)Daycase             4,905
Direct brow lift (LA)Daycase             2,250
Upper blepharoplasty & direct brow liftDaycase             4,725
Direct brow lift, upper blepharoplasty, lower blepharoplasty & lower eyelid phenol peel (LA)Daycase             7,770
Direct brow lift, upper blepharoplasty, lower blepharoplasty (LA)Daycase             7,020
Facial fat grafting (LA & sedation)Daycase             2,200
Facelift / necklift (Hi-SMAS technique)Daycase             7,500
Facelift  / necklift / full face phenol peelDaycase           10,500
Facelift / necklift / facial fat graftingDaycase             9,700
Facelift / necklift / upper blepharoplastyDaycase             8,550
Facelift / necklift / lower blepharoplastyDaycase             8,990
Facelift / necklift / upper and lower blepharoplasty1  night stay             9,540
Facelift / necklift / facial fat grafting / upper & lower blepharoplasty1  night stay           11,680
Facelift / necklift / upper blephs / direct brow lift / full face phenol peelDaycase           12,600
Bilateral malar festoon excision & lower eyelid phenol peelDaycase             1,650
TreatmentExpected length of stay Guide price 
Split earlobe repair (unilateral)Daycase                990
Split earlobe repair (bilateral)Daycase             1,550
Adult bilateral pinnaplastyDaycase             3,250
Adult unilateral pinnaplastyDaycase             2,560

Prices coming soon

Prices coming soon

TreatmentExpected length of stay Guide price 
Phenol peel to lower eyelidsDaycase                750
Phenol peel to around mouthDaycase                750
Phenol peel (+/- micro needling) to mouthDaycase                960
Full face phenol peelDaycase             3,100
TreatmentExpected length of stay Guide price 
Arm lift (brachioplasty) skin excision onlyDaycase             4,900
Arm lift (brachioplasty) liposuction & skin excisionDaycase             5,950
Thigh lift1 night stay             6,900
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